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About Me

Originally hailing from the suburbs of Chicago, I lived in Atlanta for over 7 years where I began and fostered a career as a front-end web developer since early 2014. I'm almost constantly engaged in an inner dialogue with myself, exploring ways to improve experiences and practices within my day-to-day life and responsibilities.

Before beginning my career in web development, I tried on many hats before I found the one that fit: graphic art, game development, computer animation, and just a splash of web design. While some may view that as a waste of time and money, I heartily disagree. I've found coding to be a process that utilizes linear/procedural thinking, and that can create a sort of tunnel vision which makes seeing the big picture much more difficult. Having a background in the creative/storytelling arts has not only fostered my intuitive thinking, but it also helps me get inside the head of the everyday person, which is one of the things technology was built around.

my résumé
Front-End Wheelhouse Front-End Wheelhouse

My Front-End Chops

The web front-end is my business: responsive design, cross-browser testing, HTML, SCSS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, etcetera. I most frequently work with these things using build tools, task runners, and CMSs.

I have regular exposure to Grunt, Gulp, NPM, and some CMS environments. I'm also used to working pretty closely with designers and back-end developers, so I occasionally get to tinker around with some Ruby on Rails code or tinker around in Photoshop.

my résumé

Other Work I've Done

These are some other clients I've done work for in the past; some of them I did a majority of the work for but they've since updated their site, and others I did piece-work for as part of a development team. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about some of my past work with these clients (you know, as long as it doesn't violate any NDAs :P).

  • Palmetto Dunes Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort
  • Choose ATL ChooseATL
  • Ensono Ensono
  • McLarens McLarens
  • Mirion Mirion
  • Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta FHLBank Atlanta
  • Foundation Technologies Foundation Technologies
  • Echelon Masonry Echelon Masonry
  • MARTA MARTA Breezecard
  • Finlistics Finlistics
  • Coca-Cola Coca-Cola
  • Georgia-Pacific Georgia-Pacific