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Take 5

When the odds were against us,

we continued our programming of some of the finest young musicians in jazz today.

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ith education receiving its share of cuts as a result of budget constraints,

many school districts have decided to eliminate music from its curriculum as a means of balancing the books.

This is an alarming trend considering the true educational value that the music curriculum holds. School districts argue that music is not a core subject for students and thus for economic reasons, it makes sense to discard the course.

In doing so, school districts have unknowingly eliminated a subject that not only breeds creativity
but also improves student performance.


ur Dream is that The Jazz Gallery be a place where every person feels included, valued, and supported.

Our goal is that we will work together as a team to make our studio a positive, successful, happy, thriving place where we do important work, invest our best efforts, and embrace our challenges.

By having a number of separate buildings instead of one structure that houses all classes, our campus allows for freedom within boundaries, a hallmark of our educational philosophy.

During these next few months of transition, The Jazz Gallery’s founder Dale Fitzgerald will step in as Interim Executive Director while a restructuring is underway.
I know you will enjoy hearing Dale’s famous baritone voice introducing artists on our stage once again.

Teaching students music as a result gives them one more tool in which they can use to connect and relate with people of different backgrounds.



Composing music takes a degree of

creativity and organization

A task as critical as the subjects that are deemed important. Also, reading a musical composition requires a student to focus on a particular piece while simultaneously playing an instrument.

Such mental multi-tasking trains fundamental skills such as concentration, memory and critical thinking. In doing so, it illustrates how it is one of the rare subjects that teach students vital learning concepts that other subjects fail to address.

In addition to this, it is a universal subject that is practiced by every culture around the world; there is not a single country or culture that does not have music implemented as a critical component of their culture.

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LOOKING to the


Where we've been; what we want to do.

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ver the past year, We have truly seen what the members of the Jazz Gallery family can do.


We found a new space in


When the odds were against us, and we continued our programming of some of the finest young musicians in jazz today.

Over the next few months, you will hear premieres by the composers we have commissioned this year
- the pianists Fabian Almazan, Kris Davis, John Escreet, Sullivan Fortner and David Virelles.

I hope I will see you at these premieres and other events at The Gallery; this time I won’t be giving the introduction, but I will be listening to great music and hanging out with you, my jazz friends.



Our two acre Midtown campus is eclectic and architecturally rich.

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Parents, Students, and Faculty

praise the feel of the campus, which evokes a small village in the midst of one of the largest cities in the country. By having a number of separate buildings instead of one structure that houses all classes, our campus allows for freedom within boundaries, a hallmark of our educational philosophy.

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The physical environment of The Jazz Gallery plays an integral part in each child's educational experience.

Some noted shortcomings of the current campus include overcrowding and small play areas. Some of the buildings need upgrades; some buildings will be redesigned to suit our students’ needs. The main elements of the plan are
to renovate, build and landscape our current location to make it truly exceptional.

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A monetary gift is one of the most popular ways to make a gift to The Jazz Gallery. Your one-time gift is tax deductible for the current year, and can be given by check, credit card, or in cash.


These donations are spread out over a
three-year period with deductibility for each payment in the year
in which it is made. Payment schedules
can be formulated
with differing amounts
from year-to-year to accommodate individual needs, and can be paid by check, cash or credit card.


Securities are excellent ways to give, particularly if they have appreciated in value. If the stock has been held long-term (over one year), the donor does not have to pay capital gains tax on the stock, and is allowed a tax deduction for the full value of the stock at the time of transfer through The
Jazz Gallery. Call the Campaign Office for
more information.


Gifts of inventory, equipment, materials,
and services through a business can also be beneficial.

All gifts are confidential and will be used exclusively for the Take Five Campaign. Gifts will be deposited into an account strictly for the capital campaign to ensure proper fund appropriation. There are many different and creative forms of gift giving available to the Jazz Gallery.

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for your generosity and for your support of your jazz gallery.

We hope you will continue to support your wonderful organization, because we all want it to continue presenting the very best young artists and cultivating the next generation of jazz greats.

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